Experience Rajjaprabha golf course on the Thai mainland on a maginificent golf tour adventure across the center of Thailand with options of returning to Koh Samui or continuing by road to Khao Lak or Phuket.

From Koh Samui Port in the main town of Nathon the journey moves west towards the mainland, taking approximately 1 hour 45 minutes by car passenger ferry to reach Donsak. Our VIP minivan then travels across the center of Thailand covered with incredibly large palm oil and rubber plantations.

The golf course was created by Electrical Board of Thailand around the Ratchaprapa Dam and considering over the years golf prices have increased all around Thailand this course represents excellent value.

This package can include a 3 hour boat ride on the Chiewalrn lake, admiring the fascinating landscape, stopping for lunch on typical local Thai floating restaurant to eat the local cuisine and you can even take a swim before we return to land.

Because of the unpredicted rainfall at Rajjaprabha we cannot guarantee the weather during June to Mid December.