Looking For a Golf Organiser in Koh Samui, Thailand

Looking For a Golf Organiser in Koh Samui, Thailand.

We advise organisation of your golf holiday to Ko Samui essential before travelling to Thailand and recommend you use a local golf agent to deal with all arrangements.

Reserving tee times, making sure the staff at the golf courses have recorded all reservation details correctly and finally making certain the bookings are still in the system, before you arrive in Ko Samui.

These are just a few tasks carefully orchestrated by our golf company to ensure your golfing holiday goes smoothly without any hitches before you touch down in Samui.

Ensuring the minivan drivers are punctually on time, there’s nothing more aggravating than waiting at your hotel ready to travel to the golf course and the vehicle is late or hasn’t even turned up.

On arrival to the golf course proshop our team will assist your group through payment, ensuring you have enough time to practice before commencing your round.

Making sure you receive the best caddies is important as they will spending up to 4 hours on the golf course with you, assisting you and helping you enjoy your round of golf.

Returning you back to the hotel from the golf course, without having to waste anytime waiting, because the driver hasn’t shown up on time.

For all golf bookings contact us on:
Mobile/Whats App +66 898742735 or email info@samuigolf.com