Golf Koh Samui


Golf Koh Samui, experience playing golf in Koh Samui at Santiburi Samui Golf and Country Club, and test your golf skills playing at Samui’s best-known golf course.  Acknowledged as one of the most beautifully designed golf courses in Asia, it’s also documented to be one of the toughest to play in Thailand by a long way!!

The highest point at Santiburi golf Koh Samui is almost 200 meters above sea level and every step of the way there are breathtaking sea views of the Gulf of Thailand to admire.  Each hole encounters a change in elevation and sloping ground, fairways winding through tropical coconut plantations, surrounded by mountainous valleys. With all these distractions it’s even more demanding to keep your golf ball in play, I’m sure by now you have a clearer picture of what kind of golf course to expect when visiting golf in Koh Samui!!

When golfing in Samui at Santiburi the course’s highest peak reaches almost 200 meters above sea level, every step of the way breath-taking sea views of the Gulf of Thailand. Each hole encounters a change in elevation or sloping ground, fairways winding through tropical coconut plantations, surrounded by mountainous valleys, with all these outdoor distractions it’s even more demanding to keep your golf ball in play. I’m sure by now you have a clearer idea of what kind of golf course to expect!!

During the wet seasons, you constantly hear the soothing sound of trickling streams and waterfalls flowing by many of the holes during your round. The most impressive waterfall after a heavy downpour is on Hole 6 the short par 3, the green positioned in front of the torrent of gushing rainwater continuing its journey to lower ground.
Once the round is completed and you’ve taken advantage of the changing room facilities, relax, sit back at the clubhouse terrace, enjoy the views, quench your thirst with a cool drink or even order Thai or European food from the restaurant menu.



The second and final option for golf Koh Samui is the 9-hole Royal Samui Golf and Country Club. A golf course shorter in length is positioned high on top of a mountain range bordering Lamai, 300 meters above sea level. The aim was to construct a golf course that was more affordable to play, create a totally different atmosphere, give more price incentives for juniors to play, and have fewer restrictions on the usual strict golf course dress codes.

Amazing scenic sea views of the surrounding coastline are clearly visible from every hole, acres of coconut trees, enormous volcanic boulders scattered around the course, and breathtaking ariel views of Chaweng beach and the neighboring island of Koh Phanghan.

Royal Samui first opened its doors in 2006, the present owner Khun Somchai a lifelong Samui local like his family before had farmed the land going back as far as four generations.
After spending many nights socializing, enjoying Koh Samui’s new growth of ex-pat events and investors flocking to the island, he later encouraged a group of foreigners to invest in this new exciting golf project.

Nine holes were built first and the plan was to build a second nine, construction plans were halted as investors encountered problems during the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 and still today remains nine holes only.

You won’t find any par 5 holes here but from the tee box take caution to place tee shots dead center of the fairway or expect a tough day golfing.

The first hole is a par 4 and rises steeply upwards the hidden green protected by a large bolder and out of bounds along the entire length of the right side of the fairway.

Holes four and five encounter serious problems if the ball finds itself off-target, left or right is out of bounds, and ravines 80 yards in front of both greens, there are out of bounds practically on every hole.

Over the years Royal Samui gained its reputation of being quite brutally difficult to play!!
After golf, the choice of roadside restaurants in Samui is a mouthwatering prospect, with many Thai and European fusion blends of cuisine to be found in all main beach towns.

Dining on the beach is also a popular evening event in Koh Samui on the main beach areas of Chaweng and Bophut. Take a stroll along the beach and look out for the numerous seafood barbeques, there’s nothing more romantic on holiday than eating by the edge of the sea.

Samui island is situated in the Gulf of South Thailand and can be accessed both internationally and domestically by plane and sea.

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